Best comeback evah.

untitledhusband: (sniffs) Did you fart?

untitled: No. Did you open your mouth?

By the way, you may notice some minor cosmetic changes to the site, and I hope you don’t notice some upgrades to the behind-the-scenes stuff. If you do notice any funkiness, please let me know.

Update: There were some issues with the Share this Post links not working right, but they have been fixed (thanks to those who let me know).

Help a sista out.

Batten down, people. The 2006 Bloggies are here. And while it may come off a bit whorish for me to ask for your vote, I’m going to slip into my acrylic slides and drop it like it’s hot.

As of right now, this site is running on nothing but your stroking and the occasional prodding from untitledhusband. Every month or so, I’ll start whimpering about how I can’t do it anymore — it takes too much time, and we’re not growing very fast. Then I’ll read your comments and I decide that yes, this blog will live to see another day.

I find myself writing when I could be playing Candy Land with untitledson or working on the ever-festering scrapbook project that lies under a dusty film in the basement. So if I provide you with a modicum of amusement and you’d like to ride this bitch out with me, please take a minute out of your day and give me a wank. You have until Tuesday, January 10th to nominate untitledlife for any and all categories you see fit. Take note that you must nominate at least three (3) different weblogs total for your nomination to count. The process is quick and painless, kinda like those one-night stands you had during your freshman year. But I promise I’ll still be here in the morning.

Vote Here:

2006, 1.5, and a 12-pack.

Welcome to untitledlife 1.5. If you’re not reading this via a RSS feed, you’ve probably noticed some changes to the site (if you are, come check out what I’m talking about — it’ll make what you’re about to read make a lot more sense).

untitledlife is just over six months old and it is time make some changes (and hopefully a few improvements, too). They include (but are not limited to):

  • Ads – Yup. They’ve arrived. I hope to make a buck or two to help support the costs associated with untitledland.
  • Layout – It’s wider to accomodate the ads and to allow for more content. The site looks best at a resolution 1024 x 768 or greater.
  • Clickables – Some folks call them Remaindered Links and others call them Asides. Here at untitledlife we’ve decided to incorporate a account to act as our link repository. So, + untitledlife = Clickables. They’re links to stuff that I find interesting, helpful, and/or humorous.

There are a few other minor changes, but nothing really worth noting. If you run into any glitches, problems, or you would like to voice your opinion(s), you can use the comments or e-mail me.

If you’re wondering how the 12-pack fits in to all this, I’m going to go share one with untitledhusband now. Happy New Year, friends.

Introducing untitledstuff.

Ask… and you shall receive.

Since so many of you expressed that confining the WTF? design to only a desktop was a damn, dirty shame, I have created untitledstuff — a mini web store featuring my creations. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, magnets — it’s all there. Christ, there’s even a doggie t-shirt. So far, it’s just the WTF? design. I’m hoping the creative muse pays me another visit, so I can add more things.

Rest assured that this venture is most definitely NOT about turning a profit. By getting untitledstuff out there, I’m hoping to grow After all, misery loves company.

PS – After I created the WTF? design and opened the untitledstuff store, I noticed that there are similar designs out there. Well damn it all to hell. Just when you think you have an original idea, too. I wonder if anyone has thought about doing a yellow ribbon that supports our troops? Maybe I’ll do that one next.