Problems with Cumments

You may have noticed that you haven’t been able to comment on my latests posts. This was a mistake. I’m trying to combat the spam fucktards who send through comments that include lovely lines like “hairy pussy fisting… cumshots closeup anal entry wet pussy masturbation.” I did this by turning off comments on my older posts, forgetting that I need to turn the switch on to allow comments on new entries. Anyway, I apologize. I think I have it straightened out now.

happy 1st birthday

untitledlife is about to celebrate its first year anniversary. On July 25th, untitled will have been writing this blog one year. She hasn’t written much about how untitledlife came about, but, good or bad, it was my idea. I knew my wife had some amazing writing skills (this was no secret — technically she writes for a living, but writing a product web page or billboard isn’t the same as writing). It only made sense that she share it with others.

Last month untitledlife had just over 21,000 visits. I know these numbers are small in the overall scheme of Internet users, but considering she started with just 1 reader a year ago (me), it amazes untitled (and me, frankly) that so many people care to take 5 minutes out of their day to see what’s happening in untitled’s world.

I’m no writer. So, to give you some untitledgoodiness, I’m going to link to one of my favorite untitled posts from early on that wasn’t read much: “To hell with air conditioning martyrs.”

As I was driving to daycare with the little man in tow, I noticed a few cars here and there with their WINDOWS DOWN. Fuckers. Stubborn self-discipline, incited to make me feel like a self-indulgent pansy in the face of a little — OK, a lot — of heat and moisture. It’s like a big fuck you — we can take the summer weather and you can’t. People, you KNOW you want to turn your air on as bad as me. So just do it. I promise I won’t think any less of you. That piece of shit Alero you’re driving, well, that’s another story.

(Prepare yourself — it’s gonna get mushy ahead.)

I love untitled’s ability to take a mundane topic, like one’s love for air conditioning and turn it into a side-splitting post like “a/c martyrs.” untitled, I’m so, so proud of what you’ve done with untitledlife. And, even more-so, I’m so proud to be untitledhusband.

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this blog regularly — V-Grrrl, John, Piglet, Jeanne, Amber, Flubberwinkle, Miss Jean, Anne Nahm, notaclue (sorry if I missed anyone), and thank you to all of the lurkers too! untitled doesn’t always have the time to be as interactive as she would sometimes like with untitledlife, but she reads EVERY comment posted and we often discuss what’s being said over dinner.

Happy Birthday, untitledlife. Here’s to many, many, many more.

Aww shucks. I’ve been asked to dance.

Maybe you’ve noticed the pretty burst of orange, yellow and green on the left. The fine folks at 9 Rules failed to see me for the thug that I am and have invited me to be a part of their blog network. I’m hoping it will give me a little exposure (that time my best friend ripped open my velco-button Hawaiian shirt at our junior high dance doesn’t qualify). The way I see it, the more people I can shock, dismay and offend, the better I’ll sleep at night. I’ll do my best to not sully 9 Rules’ reputation, seeing as I have already ruined mine. Oh that’s right. I’m anonymous, thank god.

Rest assured that content will remain as it has always been — vulgar, crude and without a single redeeming quality. Speaking of which… it’s time to write Monday’s post. Tally ho!