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The reason men don’t bear children.

“It says here 35-42 pounds. Is that how heavy the diaper can get before you have to change it?”

Confused grandfatherly-looking man, trying to pick out diapers at Target.

Say no to crack.

“Looks like I’m getting the crack again!”

One of my openly gay co-workers, as she sat down in a meeting at the juncture where two of the tables had been pushed together.

The breakfast of champions.

“There’s nothing better in the morning than a nice piece of sausage.” Amen, sista.

Have you overheard anything shocking, amusing or just downright unfrickin’ believable at work lately? If so, share, comrades!

“I love the blackies.”

“I love the blackies.”
My husband’s boss to a co-worker, in reference to black licorice. My husband’s reply, “We always knew she was a size queen.”