Easter Monday.

I am not dead. Life’s just gotten away from me here… but I promise I’m still around. I am working on a longer post for tomorrow, but until then, here’s a teaser of what’s up:

I am fine (now down to 267 pounds, bitches).

I am wearing size 22 pants (used to wear size 34).

untitledmother has now had the surgery too (another story altogether).

untitledmother recently charged me $100 to babysit untitledson for one week (don’t even get me started, OK now I’ve started myself – post forthcoming).

untitledhusband has been wicked busy with freelance work (thus my absence, being as shit and household chores run downhill).

I just dropped $600 on Pottery Barn bedding (what the hell is WRONG with me?).

I am starting up a charity fund (to pay off my Pottery Barn bedding).

I’ve been listening to Kanye’s new album and loving it.

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