Crunchy, crispity melba toast (and oh, I lost two more pounds).

The scale has finally started moving. Yesterday, I dropped two pounds (now down to 323). That makes for a 20-pound loss since I had surgery on 2/12, and a 43-pound loss since I started my pre-surgery diet. الاحتمالات في سباق الخيل I lost 18 of my post-surgery pounds in the first two weeks. Then the plateau hit and lasted, gasp, 12 days. That’s 12 days of eating 500 calories or less a day, and exercising 30-45 minutes a day. I’m no physiologist, but that’s bullshit (and further proof that my body wants nothing more than for me to remain a fat fuck). لعب دومينو اون لاين I went to my surgery support group last night and asked my surgeon about this plateau. He rambled on about ramping up my exercise or watching my calorie intake. What??? Christ, even if I was going hog wild and consuming 800 calories a day (which seriously, would be physically impossible at this point), I should still be losing more than 2 pounds in 12 days.

After the meeting, another girl who is one year out said to me, “When you asked that question, the doctor should’ve told you that plateaus are normal, you aren’t doing anything wrong, and all you can do is wait it out.” From what others said, it seems this is the case. Even my surgeon could not explain what physiologically happens during a plateau, where one can be at a standstill for 12 days when consuming 500 calories a day. So we’ll just chalk it up to one of life’s great mysteries and leave it at that. المتأهلين لكأس العالم للأندية 2022

There were some other people at the support group meeting who were considering surgery. This one guy who was in his twenties was in obvious turmoil, asking questions like “I love food — won’t I miss food?” and “I’m from New Orleans, and my whole family life centers around food.” Since I’m only three weeks out, I didn’t feel qualified to dole out advice. But I felt like telling him, “Son, you will not give two shits about jambalaya or crawdads after you have this surgery.” I don’t know why this happens — the food you used to obsess over is all of a sudden a non-issue, as appealing as dog food. There are moments when I’m like “mmm, that hamburger smells good.” But the thought goes away as quickly as it comes. There’s no more obsession. Poof – it’s gone. Food just doesn’t seem all that important anymore.

So what exactly am I eating each day, now that I am three weeks out? Here’s a sample day for you:

BREAKFAST: 8 oz fat free sugar free Blue Bunny smoothie (plus 1/3 powdered milk, for protein)

SNACK: 4 oz fat free sugar free pudding or yogurt

LUNCH: 3 oz tuna salad with three pieces of melba toast (each piece is a bit smaller than a playing card)

SNACK: sugar free popsicle, 8 oz fat free sugar free Blue Bunny smoothie (again, fortified with powedered milk)

DINNER: 4 oz fat free refried beans with a few melted cheese sprinkles on top

Now you can see why I was so utterly offended when my surgeon suggested cutting more calories. I am lucky if I get in 500 calories a day, and they want you consuming 500-650 per day. Technically, I am not supposed to have melba toast yet. I started it earlier this week, and it has helped immensely with my state of mind. I chew it thoroughly, it doesn’t make me sick and fits well within my calorie limit. So whatever. A lot of this is trial and error, seeing what you can eat (as long as it is healthy).

Eating this amount, I am pretty much full all the time. The tuna salad and melba toast for lunch makes me plumb full. When I see the amount that others can eat, it just amazes me now. Now, if I can only find chewable calcium pills that don’t taste like ass, I’ll be doing just great.

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