happy 1st birthday

untitledlife is about to celebrate its first year anniversary. On July 25th, untitled will have been writing this blog one year. She hasn’t written much about how untitledlife came about, but, good or bad, it was my idea. I knew my wife had some amazing writing skills (this was no secret — technically she writes for a living, but writing a product web page or billboard isn’t the same as writing). It only made sense that she share it with others.

Last month untitledlife had just over 21,000 visits. I know these numbers are small in the overall scheme of Internet users, but considering she started with just 1 reader a year ago (me), it amazes untitled (and me, frankly) that so many people care to take 5 minutes out of their day to see what’s happening in untitled’s world.

I’m no writer. So, to give you some untitledgoodiness, I’m going to link to one of my favorite untitled posts from early on that wasn’t read much: “To hell with air conditioning martyrs.”

As I was driving to daycare with the little man in tow, I noticed a few cars here and there with their WINDOWS DOWN. Fuckers. Stubborn self-discipline, incited to make me feel like a self-indulgent pansy in the face of a little — OK, a lot — of heat and moisture. It’s like a big fuck you — we can take the summer weather and you can’t. People, you KNOW you want to turn your air on as bad as me. So just do it. I promise I won’t think any less of you. That piece of shit Alero you’re driving, well, that’s another story.

(Prepare yourself — it’s gonna get mushy ahead.)

I love untitled’s ability to take a mundane topic, like one’s love for air conditioning and turn it into a side-splitting post like “a/c martyrs.” untitled, I’m so, so proud of what you’ve done with untitledlife. And, even more-so, I’m so proud to be untitledhusband.

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this blog regularly — V-Grrrl, John, Piglet, Jeanne, Amber, Flubberwinkle, Miss Jean, Anne Nahm, notaclue (sorry if I missed anyone), and thank you to all of the lurkers too! untitled doesn’t always have the time to be as interactive as she would sometimes like with untitledlife, but she reads EVERY comment posted and we often discuss what’s being said over dinner.

Happy Birthday, untitledlife. Here’s to many, many, many more.

20 thoughts on “happy 1st birthday”

  1. Happy birthday to my #2 bookmark! (Number one is my coworker’s secret gay blog…can you blame me?)

    Thank you so much for helping me get through some very not-fun days.

  2. Your site provides me a nice reality check, whenever I look around this fake work environment I am in, with my uppity superiors and uppity fake society I live in. Thanks!

  3. Awww….this is such a sweet post! You are both very lucky! 🙂

    Happy blog birthday Untitled! 😀

  4. For my first birthday back in June, I shared a few drinks with some friends. Simple evening, yet one of the most fun nights I’ve had this summer.

    What are your plans going to be?

    Slash HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UntitledLife!

  5. Awwww that was such a sweet post!!!

    Happy first birthday!! I stumbled around the net and still can not remember how I found you but by gosh I check here everyday…from work….shhhhhh!

    *Uhhh Rose…..maybe you could share that link with the rest of us?? Anything secret and gay involving a co-worker has got to be worth reading!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! Wishing you many, many more.

    And Untitledhusband, you’re a sweetie pants for writing this for your lovely bride.

  7. Ah, man! That was so sweet, I’m feeling kinda queesy.

    Personally, I agree with you. This gal has talent and deserves a big audience. All this posting is preparing the way for something much bigger. Screenplay, tv pilot, novel or doggerel scratched on the jail-cell wall…who knows?

  8. Happy Blogiversary!

    Yours was one of the first blogs I ever read, and the place I hooked up with my first set of online peeps via the Stroke-a-Thon.

    A few of my favorite posts (off the top of my head):

    The one that was all about your farting mother (still makes me laugh)
    The one with the vivid description of the lady with the lobster feet on the cruise (still makes me want to hurl)
    The one where the women get into a fight at Wal-Mart near the recyclables (I still remember one bitch was wearing a “jaunty chapeau”)

    And thanks to untitledhusband, I now know what a queef is. Y’know my Birkis make a sound just like that when I walk….

  9. “Requiem for a Tampon”. Classic of all times. I tell people about that post over and over again and every time I can hardly get it out because I’m laughing so hard. Gawd that’s funny!

    I’m glad you started blogging. There are days when I am so sad and you pick me up so much. Many more birthdaze, please!!!

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