untitledeye: How not to sell your house.

I saw this photo on¬ a homes-for-sale-by-owner web site. And yes, this was the picture they posted to sell their home.¬

Knowing how much dogs like to mark their territory, I can imagine that having a photo of yourself pooping on someone’s lawn¬ and then having¬ a lowly human¬ post it online for everyone to see is quite auspicious. Among the canine set, I bet this is the digital equivalent of¬ laying down a fattie¬ on every lawn in the world.¬ If this doesn’t get him some freaknasty Poodle punanny, nothing¬ will.¬ ¬

4 thoughts on “untitledeye: How not to sell your house.”

  1. Wow. That’s unbelievable.

    You should see the real estate website for my town. There are pictures of kitchens where the sink is full of dirty dishes. And bedrooms with unmade beds. And these pictures are taken by the agents!

    One time, my husband and I were house hunting, and one house we went into had a litter box full of cat turds in the FOYER! And there was dirty tighty-whities all over the floor in one of the kids’ bedrooms. Guess what? We didn’t buy the house.

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