At a loss for words.

Well I’ll be damned. I honestly have nothing to say right now. I spent all day at work on Friday working on freelance projects. That’s damn near erotic, if you ask me. Doing freelance on The Man’s dime makes me hard.

Between my three gigs (full-time job, freelance, blog), I write all the goddamned time. I write at work. I write in the kitchen. I write on the sofa. I write in the home office. I’d write on the toilet, but to me, poop time is sacred. The only multi-tasking I do during poop time is tweezing, and even that is pushing it.

My muse is out to lunch, and to make things worse, the porn filter on my work computer has decided to flag Perez Hilton. Jesus, I can barely type his name without getting the urge to abandon this post and pay him a visit. Damn you, porn filter! I thought about visiting, so as to distract The Machine. A shell game, if you will. But I’d hate to set off that big alarm I assume is on my boss’s computer — the one that goes off whenever I hit a blocked site. What the fuck did people do at work before the Internet? Those must’ve been some dark times. My mind, it reels.

Well, starting today, I’m hunkering down. I’m going to abandon my sordid past and put in an honest eight hours of work. It may damn near kill me, but I’m going to do it. Not because I’m feeling guilty. Oh no no no. I have my quarterly review on Friday, and I find it hard to look boss woman in the eyes when my eyes are bloodshot from playing Shanghai at my desk.

4 thoughts on “At a loss for words.”

  1. I wouldn’t try too hard to work out the kinks of your guilt, I’m sure Boss Woman is working in your review between her own internet schedule of shoe shopping and searching for that perfect dildo.

  2. I found a way around the filter, and we have a super persnickity filter at work (no blogs, no message boards, no outside email, no anything that mentions wine or alcohol…the list is looooong)

    Type the url in the box at the top and voila. You see the site but no photos, which kind of makes PerezHilton pointless but it may help with other things.

    I have no idea what I would use webmastereyes for otherwise since it is all about page rank, something I care nothing about, but I love that it works.

  3. Ha! All I did my last six months of working was to stay on-line. Of course, I knew I was going to resign, so I really didn’t give a shit at that point…..

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