Aww shucks. I’ve been asked to dance.

Maybe you’ve noticed the pretty┬ burst of orange, yellow and green┬ on the left. The fine folks at 9 Rules failed to see me for the thug that I am and have invited me to be┬ a part of their blog network. I’m hoping it will give me a little exposure (that time my best friend ripped open my velco-button Hawaiian shirt at our junior high dance doesn’t qualify). The way I see it, the more people I can shock, dismay and offend, the better I’ll sleep at night. I’ll do my best to not┬ sully┬ 9 Rules’┬ reputation, seeing as I have already ruined mine. Oh that’s right. I’m anonymous, thank god.

Rest assured that content will remain as it┬ has always been┬ — vulgar, crude┬ and without a single redeeming quality. Speaking of which… it’s time to write Monday’s post. Tally ho!

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