Skeletor and me.

No post on Friday, and a late post today. My apologies, people. Things have been a little crazy in the untitledhousehold. Here’s a little rundown of what I’ve been filling the last few days with – trying to prepare home for sale, dealing with another failed pregnancy attempt, oodles of freelance work, new homes plans to review, and oh yes, untitledhusband’s surgery.

That’s right. On Thursday, untitledhusband had back surgery (herniated disk), so I was at his hospital bedside. He’s on the mend, walking around like that girl in Sixteen Candles with the neck brace (Joan Cusack, maybe?). I thought I might be able to write as he slept, but I was a little distracted by daytime TV. It seems Carol Anne cannot look away from the light.

I hadn’t seen The View in quite a while, and I must say I was a little disturbed by Star Jones’ appearance. From the neck down, she looks fantabulous. But her face has this Skeletor thing going on. All the fat loss has left her with these buggy eyes and Joan Crawford eyebrows. She looks like one fierce bitch. But I feel for her. Here she’s gone on this amazing weight loss journey, only to find herself looking like a drag queen in the end. Oh well. Carry on, Priscilla. Don’t let the haters keep you down.

I’m taking this all into consideration, for I have decided to have weight loss surgery myself. Since we are once again not pregnant and it was our last month of trying (we have been trying for a year and a half), I have decided to move on. And who knows – maybe once the weight comes off, my body will accept another baby. I’m not counting on it or anything. If nothing else, I have learned to expect nothing.

This probably seems like it’s coming out of left field. But I’ve been seriously considering this for about two years. I held off, because I wanted to have another baby first. But since it looks like that’s not going to happen, I feel the time is now.

I’m sure the first few weeks will be a bitch, since I’ll only be able to consume things like Jello and broth. That, and I’ll have a six-inch incision in my abdomen. (I like how my first concern is about the food, though.) But I feel this is the right thing to do, and the right time to do it. I just hope my face doesn’t look like James Carville’s when all is said and done.

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  1. Go for it. I know several people for whom it’s been a life-altering event. you sound adjusted enough, or at least equipped enough to deal with the mal-adjusted bits of your life, to deal with some of the hardship and discipline this procedure requires.

    my sis-in-laws sis had it done and shed a remarkable 275 pounds. OK – so 150 of it was her miserable loser of a husband that she finally dumped after the weight started dropping, literally, off of her.

  2. Did you know Mary Matlin calls her husband, James Carville, Snakehead?


    Good luck. I’ve known people who have had this done. Take time to address the psychological as well as medical aspects of the surgery. Counseling is a good thing both before and after because it’s a radical step that will change your life dramatically. A lot to deal with all around.

    Sorry about the failed pregnancy. Hope untitledhusband is busting your chops again real soon. : )

  3. Funny you should mention it — I have never even seriously entertained the remotest possibility of doing this, even though I have had my own zip code for years and am working dilligently toward becoming my own congressional district, but in the past 24 hours I have suddenly begun giving it some serious thought. I hadn’t even mentioned it to anyone, so you and your followers are the first to know. I agree with V-Grrrl about the counseling, and plan to get it myself. (Mind you, I’m still in the thinking about talking about getting ready to consider it stage.) Go for it, and good luck!


  4. I guess I’m a weirdo…I find James Carville sexy…

    Sorry about the baby stuff, that stinks. But like you said, maybe the timing isn’t right.

    As far as untitledhusband, hope he’s on the mend soon. My mother had that same surgery so I know what you/he are going through.

    Oh yeah, I say go for it with your surgery. Anything that makes you feel better about yourself is a good thing right? And, to be selfish, I keep thinking about all the great posts we’ll get out of it! Yeah, I’m THAT bad.

  5. So sorry about the lack of pregnancy. I have been there-tried for 8 years. Each month was devastating. As for the surgery~make sure you check out references–you want someone that has had GREAT success with patients. Don’t be afraid to ask to speak with previous patients~Good luck!

  6. My co-worker had the surgery about 6 months ago. She is doing great but has had some fairly serious problems dealing with different types and quantities of food.

    Hers is the permanent type…I might consider the lap-band kind, the removeable one. I don’t know if I could give up half my stomach.

    I wish you all the best in both weight loss and with pregnancy.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about the pregnancy thing. I imagine that has been very hard.

    I hope you keep us updated as you go through the process of surgery and recovery – I’m sure it will be very interesting.

    And hey? Come over and play ‘Ku at my place if you are bored. We need someone witty.

  8. My friend that I used to work with during the summer and on breaks had surgery. It was the best decision she ever made.

    I say that if you’ve been thinking about it for 2 years, then you’ve probably already gone through the pros and cons and what not. So after having weighed them all, if you still decide to do it, I say go for it. It made Christine a much happier woman.

    Slash Star Jones is frightening, and I’m worried what will happen when Rosie gets on the show. Very. Worried.

  9. Get well wishes to untitledhusband. Sorry to hear about the pregnancy. I say more power to you if the weight-loss surgery is your decision. I agree with John that since you’ve been considering this for about two years then you’ve already weighed the advantages and (are there any?) disadvantages. Life as a thin person will require support; change of eating habits and weight control in order to reduce psychological triggered binging. I wish you the best of luck and I promise I won’t be eating any Twinkies while reading your blog.

  10. Guess I should have read a few more back entries before I asked about the next untitled child.
    I was away from the computer for about a week, dealing with
    kah-RAY-zee family members.
    Forgive me.

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