The story behind the stuff to the right.

I was just wondering if ya’ll notice this little feature to the right called clickables. There isn’t a place over there for you to comment, so I have no idea if you like them, curse them, or even notice them.

Even if you pay them no attention, I must say the clickables have a permanent home on untitledlife. They were untitledhusband’s idea, and they have provided me many hours of cheap entertainment. The clickables are a little diary of my day — this is what I do with my time when I’m not writing, eating or waging poop-offs in the departmental bathroom. Some of the clickables I find. Others are sent to me by untitledhusband. There have been moments where I nearly wet myself over something untitledhusband has IM’d to me for the clickables.

We’ve been through a lot, untitledhusband and I — times of great happiness, confusion, anger, thankfulness, sadness and desperation. And that was just last night. But through it all, no one makes me laugh more than him. I find him just as amusing now as I did back in 10th grade study hall.

Tomorrow, I may curse his name for spattering the bathroom mirror with foamy toothpaste flotsam or for taking the last Kashi bar to work. But right now, in this moment, I love him like I did when we were young and stupid… when we skipped class together to dig my car out of a snowbank, or when he sold his CD collection to put a down payment on my engagement ring. I love my guy, and I love his clickables — in particular, the one about Jessica Simpson’s camel toe.

4 thoughts on “The story behind the stuff to the right.”

  1. Great jumping jesus. I learn so MUCH here. First you taught me all I know about tea-bagging and now camel toe. I clicked on the site and I’m sitting here thinking “what toe? There are no pictures of FEET here!” Then of course, I got it. I’m slow, but I’m old. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

  2. My teenage boys came home from school howling about the substitute teachers camel toe-she was a hottie too according to them….anyway, I had NO idea what they were talking about…hows that for embarrassing? They had to explain to poor old
    Mom 🙁

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