untitledeye: Jesus juice.

Get Wet In Lent

I saw this little gem on the way home from work the other day. It was posted by a church. Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase “bible beaters,” now doesn’t it.

I suppose if one is going to get wet, it might as well be during Lent. You make me give up my Cadbury eggs and cuss words, and you best expect I’ll over-compensate in some other area.

5 thoughts on “untitledeye: Jesus juice.”

  1. Ah! You reminded me…..as I was driving through upstate NY one summer, I saw a church sign that said “Jesus’ favorite word is COME.” I kid you not. Maybe it’s the same church?

  2. There is a guy in my English class (yes, yes, I go to school, untitled junior high by the way) who has a WWJD bumper sticker on his binder next to his Bob Marley bumper sticker.

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