By now, we’ve ALL met the Duggars.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you want to meet the Duggars, or your dog has eaten a tampon, you’ll probably stumble across untitledlife. A LOT of people have (who knew so many dogs eat tampons?).

Recently a christian radio blog linked to my Duggar post, and I’ve gotten a lot of heated comments and e-mails as a result. In short, I’ve decided to close the comments on my “Meet the Duggars” post. If you’d like to read my final thoughts on the subject, you can check out my update to the original post.

4 thoughts on “By now, we’ve ALL met the Duggars.”

  1. I believe in God, I believe in freedom of speach, I believe in families.

    I also believe in having a drink but I don’t support alcoholism…….

    F@#@#@g Fanatics – Christian, Muslum, Jewish, Baby Making Machines.

    In the name of religion – HAH!! Just one more group of sickoes (with bad hair).

    “Jesus Wept” John 11:35

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