Big ups to the Duggars.

Every time TLC airs their documentary on the Duggars, untitledlife gets a wave of hits from Google. So let’s all take a moment to thank god for Michelle Duggar’s ever-blossoming uterus. Praise BE!

Some of these new visitors are Duggar supporters, so I can imagine the toes curling when they stumble across my posts on cockrings, poop etiquette and my tampon-eating dog. I have no idea who these people are or where they live, but I imagine them all in calico dresses and braids. One of the commenters wrote me a nastygram and DECIDED TO SHOUT HER ENTIRE POST. Jesus fuck, lady. That’s pretty much the equivalent of grabbing me by the throat and shitting down my neck. Not very Christian of you. But on the positive side, it gives me comfort knowing you broke a commandment (or at least came damn close) in my name.

Seriously, I enjoy reading dissenting opinions, in the same way I enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh. But I do feel an ethical responsibility to repeat the obvious — having 16 children is wrong on so many levels. Environmentally, you are taking more than your fair share of earthly resources. Plus, it is not humanly possible for two people to properly care for all of the physical and emotional needs of 16 children. I have one child, and there are many times when I feel like I could be doing more for him, if only there was more time. I don’t care how peachy things look like in the documentary. Inevitably, things will fall through the cracks — which is exactly how the Duggars got themselves into this situation to begin with.

19 thoughts on “Big ups to the Duggars.”

  1. At this rate they’ll have their own city soon. Duggarville.

    What I want to know is, why doesn’t God ever tell these people to take care of children already ON this planet? Why is His way always about procreating till your uterus falls out? It reminds me of Dubya’s stand on abortion…keep them alive till they’re born…after that…who gives a shit? God is always about the unborn and unless it comes directly from your godly loins…it can fend for itself.

  2. It looks like they’ll be on TLC tonight. I’ll be watching it just to see for myself. I’ll probably regret that decision though.

  3. I read over your other post where people angry commented. I am SO JEALOUS of your haters! I want haters!

    Maybe I’ll have the next post be about how I hate animals and they all should be shot and fed to children in their tuna fish [scratch that…kitty meat] sandwiches.

  4. The sad thing is, after giving birth to her 16th child, she said she would like to do it all over again. Uhmmm, ok, don’t they make you take crazy pills? If not, they should. Crazy people, I don’t know how they have time for sex honestly.

  5. I watched the two specials on TLC and I was simultaneously jealous (I want me some of that free work force…only it’s not necessary that my crew come through my vagina)…and horrified (at the very end when their house was done Ole Jimbob said something about working on #17). Don’t those two think about anything but getting it on? Seriously. Even my 6-year-old said “Mom…those are just way too many babies.”


  6. I fell into the ranks of the googlers tonight. Love your blog, and amen, Patti. I mean would it kill them to bring home a kid with some melanin? These people are just plain selfish and irresponsible and they are using their faith as an excuse to be that way. I mean those older kids got the short end of the stick big time.

    By the way, I am starting to wonder if fertility rates are directly proportional to mullet size.

  7. i am so dissappointed in all of you, what has this world come to? I am deffinately not a mormon but jesus people! These people are just living their lives doing what they love ( raising children ) and doing a great job of it! I think you are all just Jealous of the love they have in thier family and their marriage!! So if they want a bunch of kids it shouldnt matter to anyone else what they do with their children or how many they have! Why dont you all just go back to your lives and try to take care of your life and your children half as good as the Duggars!!

  8. What sad people you must be. These folks are happy, love kids have tons and are able to provide for them. What’s it to you?

  9. They certainly have put themselves out there, haven’t they? In all likelyhood, they’ve done this to help support their litter of children.

    Because they’ve put themselves out there, isn’t it OK for people to discuss their situation? What’s it to you, Heh, that some people may strongly disagree with what they’re doing? Why does that make us sad to have an opinion that differs from yours?

    Just because they are extremely religious and appear robotically happy on a 1 hour TV special, doesn’t make what they’re doing right. Nor does it prove that they truly love and meet the needs of each of their children.

  10. Let’s look at the bigger picture here guys…They are not drug addicts, murderers, alchoholics, nor a danger to society in any way. They are well educated, articulate, mature and responsible. Not to mention well behaved, and disciplined. The negative remarks posted above are posted out of jealousy and/or ignorance. If you don’t agree, just watch 15 minutes of the 6 ‘o’ clock news. These are good people, religion has nothing to do with it, so stop letting that be the focus of your rants.

  11. Sam, you’re missing the point. This discussion isn’t about good or bad people — none of us truly know the Duggars.

    It boils down to this: just because they’re good people doesn’t make what they’re doing right. I happen to think it’s wrong for all of the reasons I’ve mentioned ad nauseam.

    And let me be clear on this, I have not one ounce of jealousy in my body for the Duggars.

  12. untitled,

    I must confess to having surfed in on a Duggar wave myself, but I feel like I owe them a debt of gratitude for that, because I haven’t stopped laughing since I got here. After getting here one day last week, I decided to read back through the archives, and I am just now reaching this point, so I should be nearly finished sometime later today.

    I don’t begrudge the Duggars their little Duggarville community — to each his own — but it creeps me out to see all those little Stepford Kids.


  13. why isn’t it right what they are doing? Who are you to make a statement as that? I have never said, nor thought whether it’s right or wrong for them to have a family that large. It is not up to me to make such judgement.

  14. In my opinion, it isn’t right for the reasons i’ve stated before. Who am i? I’m untitled, and this is my blog where I state my views and talk about my opinions on any topic I feel like. And, I’ve given you a forum to disagree with me too. On this topic, I believe we’ll have to agree to disagree.

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