You don’t buy me flowers.

Let’s hear it for untitledhusband. He surprised me with not one, not two, but three gifts. Three good gifts, at that:

Gift #1: Gourmet Chocolates (interpretation: “I love you at this weight and the weight you’d be if you ate these every day.”). No matter the holiday, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Not with me. Sock lint dipped in chocolate? Sign me up.

Gift #2: Freaks and Geeks DVD (interpretation: “I love you because you have heart.”) I will never understand how this show got shit-canned after one year and “Walker, Texas Ranger” was left to roundhouse his way through the nineties. Which reminds me, if you are down with wasting one hour that’ll you’ll never get back, do it here.

Gift #3: One of these bracelets, which I have been lusting after for quite some time now. (interpretation: “I love you enough to listen, take notes and plan ahead when you ask for something specific.”) Thank god he knows me well enough not to buy me a gold and diamonds heart pendant from Kay’s.

What can I say. I love my boo.

5 thoughts on “You don’t buy me flowers.”

  1. You know he really loves you when he gets you the Freaks and Geeks DVD set. It’s an exquisite, bonus-laden set of the best television series to air in America in my lifetime.

  2. Thank ya’ll. It’s taken me years to perfect the art of gift giving, but it really boils down to doing two simple things: listen and remember.

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