The reason men don’t bear children.

“It says here 35-42 pounds. Is that how heavy the diaper can get before you have to change it?”

Confused grandfatherly-looking man, trying to pick out diapers at Target.

9 thoughts on “The reason men don’t bear children.”

  1. Silly grandfatherly types.

    They should clearly state on the bags that it’s just a guideline… you can’t REALLY let them get that heavy.

  2. I would disagree. I think I would bear children and deal with everything [diapers et al] if it werent for the fact that I would be squeezing out an 8 pound, 20 inch living thing out of my penis.

    Other than that, it’s all good.

  3. It’s been my experience that, in real world tests, they are only good for about 10 to 15 pounds. Someone shoulda’ told the poor shlep.

  4. John: I winced a little reading that last part. Ouch.

    I think you’re about right Mike — 10-15lbs. And nothing is worse than a diaper-splosion. You really don’t know the hell that it is until you’ve experienced the urine-filled sticky crystals everywhere. I think it’s one of those things that usually only happens once.

  5. I trusted hubbie with our 16 month old daughter for an entire day by himself. Came back in afternoon and the kid was dragging a diaper that looked like she had just grown bombastic male bollocks!
    On asking why he had not changed the diaper all day. His response: “You -women- waste so much money! One baby piddle and you change the diaper! I was conducting an experiment on how much “wear and tear” these diapers can take!”
    (His way of refusing to admit the fact that he had forgot to change the baby!)

  6. Oh my God. Your post is an ages old Cajun joke! The Breastfeeding Nazi Nurse at the hospital recited that to all the mothers-to-be at the new moms workshop.

  7. Those are some big ole diapers..i think he really meant to be in the incontinence aisle rather than the baby aisle =)

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