Help a sista out.

Batten down, people. The 2006 Bloggies are here. And while it may come off a bit whorish for me to ask for your vote, I’m going to slip into my acrylic slides and drop it like it’s hot.

As of right now, this site is running on nothing but your stroking and the occasional prodding from untitledhusband. Every month or so, I’ll start whimpering about how I can’t do it anymore — it takes too much time, and we’re not growing very fast. Then I’ll read your comments and I decide that yes, this blog will live to see another day.

I find myself writing when I could be playing Candy Land with untitledson or working on the ever-festering scrapbook project that lies under a dusty film in the basement. So if I provide you with a modicum of amusement and you’d like to ride this bitch out with me, please take a minute out of your day and give me a wank. You have until Tuesday, January 10th to nominate untitledlife for any and all categories you see fit. Take note that you must nominate at least three (3) different weblogs total for your nomination to count. The process is quick and painless, kinda like those one-night stands you had during your freshman year. But I promise I’ll still be here in the morning.

Vote Here:

16 thoughts on “Help a sista out.”

  1. I just started reading your blog about a month ago – found the link through another blog. I LOVE reading your blog! You are too fucking hysterical to stop writing. I look forward to reading it. You got my vote – I’m going in right now. Good luck to you!

  2. Meh. Sure. Why not. Vote for me and I’ll vote for you. We’ll make it a conspiracy and take the bloggies by storm. People will be like ‘Who the hell are these people, and why’d they win everything?!’

    Actually….that is a fantastic idea. Let’s all do it. Please. Seriously.

  3. Untitled–you are NOMINATED! And I’m with John–I took the opportunity to stroke my other faves as well. Feel the love, y’all.

    And OK, I admit it, I nominated myself too. I used to work in PR–I’m not above shameless self promotion. : )

  4. I have joined the Bloggie Circle Jerk, and put in some votes for you sista.

    And don’t EVER think about unplugging this site, or I’ll turn into a super TNT mushroom cloud. Shizzle.

  5. I was wondering if I could nominate you for “Best New Weblog” – it is for blogs which started during 2005 and I’m not sure when yours began. Can you let me know? Thanks! (If you’ve been around much longer, I apologize for asking – I just found you within the last 4 months or so!)

  6. Melanhead: Thank you! For the jerking and for the threat! Don’t worry, I’ll keep on writing.

    Piglet: You’re right. That’s a very good point that I hadn’t thought of.

    Kelly: You bet. I started in July of ’05, so I would qualify for that category. No apologies necessary — I really appreciate the nominations AND that you’ve been reading untitledlife for the past 4 months:).

  7. I wish there was a category called, “The Blog I’d Most Like to Write Myself But Can’t Because I Have No Stick-to-it-iveness” beause that’s where I’d nominate you.

    But I’ll figure something out.

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