Introducing untitledstuff.

Ask… and you shall receive.

Since so many of you expressed that confining the WTF? design to only a desktop was a damn, dirty shame, I have created untitledstuff — a mini web store featuring my creations. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, magnets — it’s all there. Christ, there’s even a doggie t-shirt. So far, it’s just the WTF? design. I’m hoping the creative muse pays me another visit, so I can add more things.

Rest assured that this venture is most definitely NOT about turning a profit. By getting untitledstuff out there, I’m hoping to grow After all, misery loves company.

PS – After I created the WTF? design and opened the untitledstuff store, I noticed that there are similar designs out there. Well damn it all to hell. Just when you think you have an original idea, too. I wonder if anyone has thought about doing a yellow ribbon that supports our troops? Maybe I’ll do that one next.

7 thoughts on “Introducing untitledstuff.”

  1. Here’s my theory. Nothing we think is necessarily original in the webster’s definition of the word. I do believe that we as humans are all sharing ideas, thoughts, emotions etc all together. I like to think that I made up “your not the boss of me” quote, but it just seemed like it at the time. Perhaps I heard it, did not recall hearing it and then eventually repeated it, thus thinking I made it up.

    There are many song writers that refuse to listen to anyone else’s work because of this very thing.

    It is human nature for the love of god. Watch two people talking for a little bit and then watch how they begin to mirror each other with their gestures. It is cool.

    And here’s another unoriginal idea. We are breathing the very same air that Jesus did. Hoo ha!

    Go Untitled Lady, strut your stuff and HAVE FUN doing it!

  2. V-grrrl – I LOVE that idea. Probably should make chew toys shaped like a dirty diaper too.

    Off-topic note – Unititled, I want you to know that I think about you every time I open a new e-mail message. At the top of the MS Outlook e-mail window is “Untitlted Message”.

    How you permeate everthing – titled or not!

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