Happy anniversary, boo.

untitledhusband and I went out last weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Never one to be overly romantic, he kept with tradition by not opening doors, taking my arm or even waiting for me as he sprinted across the movie theater parking lot to make the previews. ivermectin kaufen apotheke

But alas, he made up for it all later, while we were at the restaurant. Quietly and without judgment, he pulled the table towards himself, so I could slide my large bod into the booth gracefully — just as he does every time we go out to eat. A simple gesture, yes. But it says so much. Red roses, diamonds, chocolates — you can keep them all, because I cannot think of anything more romantic than this. ivermectina c

On second thought, maybe I’ll hold onto those chocolates… ivermectin slow kill heartworm

5 thoughts on “Happy anniversary, boo.”

  1. It’s the little gestures, not the grand ones, that show love and respect. It’s great that he does this, and it’s wonderful that you notice and appreciate it. When we stop doing the “little things” and stop noticing the ones done for us, we’re in trouble.


  2. When we were newlyweds I was bothered by hubbie not doing all the stereotype romantic deeds (as mentioned in your entry). With time and life passing by, I realized that the small gestures were greater than they seemed. Thank you for reminding me.
    Happy anniversary!
    P.S. I followed your comment in Erin O’Brien’s blog here.

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