untitledeye: Best live shot EVER.

Hurricane Al

On Monday, Al Roker of the Today Show did a Hurricane Wilma live shot from a hotel balcony in Florida. As you can see, a member of the production crew was forced to serve as a human anchor for Al by clinging to his leg during the live shot (not unlike one of those tiny stuffed bears whose outstreteched limbs clipped on to the collar of your winter coat in junior high). What resulted was a classic TV moment.

I imagine the internal dialogue went something like this:

Al Roker: “I’ve waited 20 years for this moment, when I could rest my fine nubian ball sack high atop the alabaster forehead of a cracker-ass producer on national TV. SUCK it, Lauer! SUCK it!”

Producer: “Six years of study at the Columbia School of Journalism, and for what? To be nothing more than an ass hammock for Big Al.”

I have no doubt that THIS is what the inventors of live shot technology had in mind when they unfurled their beast onto the world of television news.

(View the actual video and enjoy Jon Stewart’s take on The Daily Show. Just click on “Roker Wrangler” under Headlines.)

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  1. That’s why he lost all that weight. He’s been planning this moment for years. Look for his book “How a brother tea bagged whitey (on live TV)” on the top seller list soon. They’ll probably make a movie out of it with Cuba Gooding Jr as Al and a special appearance from Jimal (ex Kajagoogoo frontman) as “The Anchor’s Anchor”

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