Meet the Duggars.

Meet Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. In the past 18 years, they have had 16 children — Joshua, 17; John David, 15; Janna, 15; Jill, 14; Jessa, 12; Jinger, 11; Joseph, 10; Josiah, 9; Joy-Anna, 8; Jeremiah, 6; Jedidiah, 6; Jason, 5; James, 4; Justin, 2; Jackson Levi, 1; and as of last week, Johannah.

Wait — did I read that right? Jinger and Jedidiah? No need to give your kids normal names, for your homeschooling will keep them safe from the daily ass-whoopings they’d receive on any public school playground.

Now, one might look at these pictures and say, “Holy shit! Look at all those kids!” I look at these pictures and say, “Holy shit! Look at that HAIR!”

It’s unearthly. It’s unhygienic. Four horsemen be damned — it’s the seventh sign of the apocolypse. Not since witnessing the horror that is Crystal Gayle have I felt such a consuming urge to sneak into someone’s home and shear them like a Merino sheep. Small animals have become ensnarled in shrubs less knarly than this woman’s mane. Her uterus may have the resilience of a bomb shelter, but after 16 kids, it probably looks like an old catcher’s mitt. And let me be the first to say that perhaps it’s time to hang up the cleats. But a word of advice, dear Duggars, better hold on to the nut cup, as it is obvioiusly the closest you will get to birth control.

There are federal laws that mandate child-to-teacher ratios in daycares. I believe it’s 4-1 for infants and 6-1 for toddlers. These people have 16 children. With that level of parental imbalance, I can imagine that the Duggar household has seen its fair share of lightsocket licking and knife juggling.

Where oh where is Trojan Man? There are children out there that need you.

Update 3/21/2006

No matter which side of the Duggar fence you might fall, I think everyone’s had a chance to state their beliefs so I’m going to close the comments on this post. However, the beauty of having your own blog is that you get the final say. Here’s mine:

  1. I stand by my claim that what the Duggars are doing is harmful to their children. I saw a documentary on TLC this weekend that showed the Duggars building their own house. School, schmool. The children were enlisted to help build the house. The kids were riding around in the bucket of a loader (imagine if one would’ve fell out — the loader would’ve rolled right over them). One of the boys (who looked like he was 10 or younger) was charged with welding beams for the new house. And the kids who were old enough to hold a power drill were given their own, so they could all help out. I don’t think this is cute — I think is dangerous, and shows poor judgment on the parents’ part. In the documentary, the Duggars came across as sweet, albeit naive, people. Thinking two people can properly parent 16 children is downright delusional.
  2. I still think it’s environmentally unsound to have this many kids. They do 10 loads of laundry a day (and you guessed it — one of the girls who can’t be more than 12 does ALL the laundry. 10 loads a day. Tell me she has time for a normal life.).
  3. I LOVE being a member of the “internet scum-of-the-month club” (scroll down to the end of the post titled “MEET THE DUGGARS: THE BANE OF SECULAR HUMANISTS”). Isn’t there something in the 10 Commandents that says you’re not supposed to call people names? Sure, I do it. But I’m not hiding behind the cloak of religious indignation, either.

64 thoughts on “Meet the Duggars.”

  1. I will be happy to sneak in with you. We can take turns….one holding them down and the other cutting cause not only does Mama Duggar need a haircut, but looks like the girls are being made to believe that all that hair is the way to go as well.

    Can you imagine the clogs in the drains at that house? Ewwwwwwww!

  2. Don’t stop them now, they are the largest consumer of Prosac and other fantastic chill pills. Without their fragile state of sanity the drugmakers would go out of business. That’s my theory anyways. Anyone faced with the mental task of parenting 16 children is bound to have profound mental disorders. I so totally agree that it is a bad move to spread yourself so thin across so many children who need your love. These people are nuts and selfish. What are they thinking?

  3. i saw a documentary on this family a few years ago. the way the family works is the older kids are “assigned” a younger kid (or two) to care for. the mother has scheduled times she spends with all the kids. meanwhile, the husband is (no doubt) checking the “attention schedule” to see when he can get him a piece of her ass and create YET ANOTHER child.

    the good news is, they have god’s blessing…..god would want us all to procreate…duggar style.

    gotta go puke now.

  4. 1987 called and asked for its hair back!

    The name thing boggles me. Isn’t there a search engine that can look up normal “J” names? Jinger sounds like a desperate attempt at playing non-word words in a Scrabble game.

  5. Her mullet is hilarious. I saw this a few days ago, and then I looked at their family website. HAHAHA. Nothing really bothered me but her hair.

  6. I saw the show on TLC not long ago and could not stop watching. Either they are the world’s calmest, most orderly people or the mother is drugged to the gills. What must that father do for a living? They live in a very nice home, they have like, four washer and dryer sets, eight computers, their grocery bills come out in the thousands and their pantry looks like a restaurant’s. And they are never, ever, ever alone. I don’t want to diss them, because we live in a country where you can make these kinds of choices, but I am agog. My two children make me want to hide in the bathroom at times. SIXTEEN? There are towns in Oklahoma with smaller populations…

  7. Urg. I went to their site and read all about how it literally takes a village. They are not self-sufficient, they rely on friends, relatives and neighbors to get through the day.

    I was the oldest of seven and let me tell you it ain’t fun, it ain’t fair.

    Forget cutting her hair, cut her tubes!

  8. I also saw the show on TLC. I think this woman is abusing her kids. She has a “buddy” system set up so that after the newest baby is “weaned” and older child takes over raising the kid. She has a good scam going so that she can get busy takin care of that hair and makin more babies and the older kids are basically parents to the younger kids. Obviously they are religious zealots and having seen a few of those myself, I’d say that their is a little mental illness going along with that. Also, it’s probably very rewarding for her to get all the attention that she’s gotten, not to mention, it might get her hubby elected to whatever office he’s running for this time.

  9. I simply can’t wrap my mind around it. How long does she go beteween pregancies? Hasn’t her doctor told her so many pregancies is unhealthy, for her and her kids? For that family’s sake, I hope Mama Duggar comes from a line of women prone to early menopause, cause it can’t kick in too soon.

    I recall seeing one of the specials on TV. Her daughters all want to be like Mommy. Please dear gods, I beg of thee…bitch-slap these kids with reality as they leave the nest.

  10. i guess i don’t understand the hostility. they love children, they are devout and believe children are a blessing from god. these children are clean, fed, warm, dry, and surrounded by family. if they are relying on friends and family, and teaching at home, they are draining the system less than many of the rest of us (for example, who use public schools). other than very devout, and good at sharing bathroom counters and cooking for themselves, these kids have a better chance of turning into functional members of society than a lot of kids growing up in broken homes or in genuinely abusive environments. and who is harmed here? why do other people, who don’t even know them, have any opinion one way or the other about what they “should” do? how does it even affect you?

  11. They are an odd bunch indeed. I once worked with a “type” of the Mrs. in the Duggar family. At the office party, her husband got drunk and hit on me. Funny, I ended up working with Mr. years later.

    Nothing wrong with loving kids and taking good care of them. My experience is that these type of people are usually pretty fucking weird.

  12. e – They are inviting public opinion by putting themselves on TV and in the news. They obviously want the attention or they wouldn’t make their lives public. You obviously have an opinion. It’s okay only if you approve?

  13. Oh and one more thing. I wonder what Mrs. Duggar would think about God’s blessings if she had a child with Autism or some other tragic disability. Autism is genetic and if you have one, you’ll probably have another if you chose to have more children. Out of 16 kids, at least 4 would probably be autistic. I think she’d be begging her doctor for birth control pills if she could even muster the energy to have sex. But what am I talking about? Only sinners like me have children with autism. We’ll see how these kids turn out in the end.

  14. e-you don’t think there is abuse here? You think all these kids are valued and loved? You think it is right to have the kids raising their brothers and sisters? And I’m not talking about a little baby sitting, which we all did, but there is no possible way to raise this many children and give them the attention they need from an adult source. Pure bullshit in the name of God, as always. These people are attention seekers, pure and simple. And what a surprise that they are home schooled!! We wouldn’t want these poor little urchins exposed to the evil ways of the world, or the fact that there are actually names that start with letters other than J. I read an article once about parents who name their kids all with the same first letter-stated that they were self obssessed. Not much of a stretch here. Hey, Duggars, if children are such a wonderful gift, then why don’t you pick up a few for adoption? Or are any other not brought forth from the fruit of your slave wife’s tired old womb just not pure enough?

    But what is most fascinating is the recipe page. Like a guidebook for white trash America, I’d say. Perhaps this is a result of a steady diet of tater tot casserole (yum yum). Perhaps tater tot casserole recipes should be handed out in fertility clinics.

  15. Im just thinking……isnt there a name for people who are obssesive compulsive about “collecting things”….like those people you see on TV with a gazzillion cats or with thousands of newspapers stacked in every room of thier house? These people sound like they are collecting kids! I have to agree that there is NO WAY these parents can give each child the individual attention they would need and it also appears that once you are old enough to take care of a younger brother or sister your life comes to a screeching halt.

    I have read through thier whole website and I just dont get it.

  16. One wonders what the children, especially the older think of their family and it’s lifestyle. Sounds like they’re very sheltered, home schooled, no tv.
    The kids may freak when they meet the real world.

  17. Jinger. When I heard that I thought “Waahhht? Did they run out of good J names?” Poor kid. Well, I think anyone who names their family names that begin with the same letter, or rhyming names, or whatever cute thing, is just kind of twisted anyway.

    I guess the global overpopulation problem just doesn’t bother them. It’s like they want to live back when the Bible was written…news flash, folks – there are 6 billion people on the planet and we don’t need more of your hairy little offspring!

  18. I think this orgy of procreation is all about making the parents feel unique, productive (groan!), and in control with sixteen children under their thumb and inside the house. It’s not about what’s best for the children.

    The irony is that they’re grabbing 15 minutes of fame by flogging the established order while appearing to be “traditional.”


  19. Hmmm…they live in Arkansas and the father’s name is Jim Bob. Not to mention the hair, the clothes, the fucked-up kids names. They aren’t doing much to dispel the stereotypical views of the south, are they?

  20. Did you look at their website and click on some of their links??? The most horrendous was the “modest swimwear” link — why don’t they just no go swimming– all that water touching everyone all at once- so foul!!!
    damn give me a bikini anyday (provided no one laughs at my fat!!)

  21. I personally enjoyed the fact that they all wear the same color every day to help with laundry. Because the visual of that family isn’t freaky enough without the wonderful ‘red on Mondays’ homeschool uniforms. Mama Duggar probably doesn’t even go thru labor anymore, those things just fall out of her by now. Honestly, if I don’t laugh at this situation, I will cry. It’s scary and very cult-like with their matching clothes, all-steel home, dorm-rooms with new bunk beds always ready for the new arrivals. Don’t you think that especially with the older kids that they’ve got to know what mommy and daddy are doing in the other room…ALL THE FRICKIN” TIME?!?! Little tip for Jim Bob….keep it in your pants.

  22. I’m just curious to know if there would be so many negative comments if the family were not white and Christian? It seems like everyone is concerned about being “PC” unless they are talking about someone who believes in Jesus. If we were talking about someone who was Jewish, Islamic or Buddhist, I’m sure the comments would be seen as hateful and intolerant. Just an observation.

  23. I agree with Stacey on this one. Hardly anyone would be acting “PC” or voicing their dislikes of the Duggars family (numbers) if they weren’t white and not just because of their Religion. Both my husband and I say Good for them. I plan on homeschooling our kids myself because I don’t like what the Schools are doing with changing the educational system and removing the things we did and learned when I was in school just to be “PC” and basically brain wash everyone at a younger age. My mom is the oldest of 6 kids so it isn’t such a far fetched thing to me. If we could my husband would like to have 6 kids. I wanted to keep it even 2 or 4 kids (1 boy and 1 girl or 2 boys and 2 girls). TO the delight of all you negative people I won’t be having that many. If I’m lucky I may get to a 2nd child in the next year or 2. I am not as some would say a fertile myrtle (heck it took me 10 yrs just to have my son and that was only because I had given up ever having any children thinking something was wrong with me).

  24. I am a white, southern, Christian like Mrs. Duggar. That is where the similarity ends. I have two children and they are it for us. I think the Duggars are very ignorant, and shallow. There is no possible way that each child gets personalized attention from Mom and dad everyday. Having 16 children is just insane. I don’t believe for one minute that these children have the happy, carefree life that the parents lead you to believe. Between raising you “buddy” and taking care of your “jurisdictions” when do you have time to play or work on a hobby? and what in the heck is this woman doing all day while her children raise each other and cook and clean for the family? I love my children more than life itself but I want them to grow up and become independent of me. I want them to have friends and activites that are thiers alone. The Duggar children aren’t alollowed to have friends that are not church members or families that are as screwed up as there’s is.

  25. Well I pesonally think that what the Duggars are doing is great! I don’t think I could actually handle all those kids with or without help but I do believe that GOD blesses you as he sees fit wheather thats 2 or 20 kids and he will give you the tools to handle it all! I have one and know that if I had more he would give me the capacity and patience to love and cherish them all the same and it is possible ! I don’t care if they are Jewish,Muslim,black or Red, to each its own and works for them may not work for you. Now I personally feel it would not be too bad to let the older kids go to school to expierience society more and get a feel for different ways of life but I do honestly think that what they are doing is remarkable and at least they have all their kids to take care of some have 1 or 2 and can not manage to make it work without the kids being negatively affected in some way. Now maybe they are a little old fashioned and they could use a trip or two to the salon but I do believe that people are being too harsh and very judgemental when they have not asked you or uncle sam to do anything for them besides pray. And to the earlier comment if any of their children had autism I bet they would deal with the same and yes I do know a family with 2 autistic children and taking care of an ederly parent going through dementia and mentally retarded cousin with adrug addicted mother and they find love and patience for all!

  26. Maggie: Differing opinions are welcome here, but your comments were off-topic, racist and unfounded. They have been removed. Congrats on being the first moderated comment on untitledlife.

  27. I saw the documentary when mommy duggar was having her 15th child. This family is very much led by their religious belief. This family self educates because they do not fit into the main and the duggar parents really want their children to follow their footsteps and not form opinion external to the deep religious beliefs I find it a bit strange that they are on TV, doing more documentaries, getting more royalties… The OSBOURNES they ain’t. But what really bothered me was a visit to the duggar familhy website (I think). The families favourite websites were displayed. Wholesome swimsuits was one of them.

    But in their little bubble maybe it works?

  28. They probably spend more time with each of their children then most moderate sized families. They don’t have t.v. which means they don’t waste hours at a time on something so pointless. They seem to spend that time with each other. I wouldn’t reccommend any family having 16 kids…but they are one family that has handled it with flying colors. Their kids seem amazing. Most children today sit on their duffs for hours playing video games or watching T.V. These kids know how to cook, sew, play violin, and work construction. Let’s face it…their children have accomplished more then many adults.
    I’m sure when the children are faced with the “cruel world” they will make the right choices.
    BUT I must say: THE HAIR (and huge color dress design) HAS GOT TO GO!
    Let’s not forget: the horrible swim wear

  29. I think the way the run their family is more cult-like than family-like. The girls and boys all dress like each other like many cults do. The men are the dominant ones in the group as they are in many cults. They eat the worst stuff in the world nutrition wise so the kids are all soft and pliant like in many cults. If they weren’t, the kids would be saying, “Mom, lay off making another baby with the world’s population growing by the second!” Jim-Bob is the head man in the cult of Duggar and he is the one who runs their church and doesn’t allow outside influences in like different ideas from books and TV shows that might be evil to them. It is his way or the highway as it is in many cults.

  30. I think that if it works for them, great! We homeschool, and lemme assure you that most homeschooled kids in big families get a heck of a lot more attention/parental supervision than only kids who go to public school and then after school care.

    I don’t think that I’d be able to handle 16 kids (the two we have are giving me a run for my money!), but people are blessed in different ways.

    Many Amish families have 10 or more children, and of course those children are only exposed to other Amish children, Amish books, no tv (or electricity at all!), the kids do farm chores from a very early age, etc, and no one bats an eye. Most people think “good for them, but it’s not for me.” That’s how I feel about the Duggars. They are incredibly blessed, and handle their 16 kids better than most parents I know handle one or two or three.

  31. Oh, and for the record, “Jinger” does not rhyme with “finger” or “singer”…it’s pronounced like “ginger.”

  32. I just saw a special on that seriously disturbed, Manson-like family and now I am seriously horrified.

    Each of these kids is a kidbot! A friendless, educationless, childhoodless Christian kidbot.

    Is the cult leader, inappropriately-named, too-fertile Jimboob playing god in trying to repopulate the Earth with the “righteous” in his own “image”.

    Will we all wear ugly dresses, breed like rabbits, and carry mullets in the future as the Duggars would obviously want?

    Please excuse me while I go puke!. Some social services should seriously intervene, because these kids live in a labor-camp, education-free conditions. There must be laws about children raising their 10 or 8 or 6 smaller siblings, while receiving no schooling (aside from Bible with Daddy – need I say “Jesus Juice”??)!!!

    Please, Duggars, we don’t need any more of your DNA – stop breeding.


  34. Yes, and Amish people shouldn’t have so many kids because it’s backward and weird and offends my middle-class white liberal American sensibilities. And Muslims shouldn’t dress modestly because it’s backward and weird and offends my middle-class white liberal American sensibilities. And African-Americans shouldn’t get all, you know, angry about racism, because it offends my middle-class white liberal American sensibilities. And women – who have freedom of choice, of course – can only choose to have three or fewer children, because to do otherwise offends my middle-class white liberal American sensibilities.

    Oh, gee… I think somewhere in there I lost my ability to pride myself on being tolerant and respectful of others.

    No matter. I’ll just make fun of her hair and call them white trash. Then, just to show how pro-women I am, I’ll say something really smart like, “Cut her tubes!” (Lessee, WHO has enacted forced sterilization before? Think German, funky salutes, rhymes with shmatzy… Ring a bell?)

    Nice. Real nice.

    Oh, and m? e wasn’t saying that nobody was entitled to their own opinion. e was disagreeing with yours. People are entitled to do that, you know.

  35. I don’t know if anyone else is thinking that there is possibly sexual abuse going on from the bigger kids on the littler kids, but there probably is. My mom came from a family of 16 and when they reached adulthood the sexual abuse histories started surfacing. Even with their programming, the odds are that it’s going to start happening and even be justified in their own minds because it’s God’s will to procreate.

    There are 7 siblings in my family and while there was no sexual abuse, there was plenty of physical, mental and emotional abuse because my parents just weren’t capable of parenting seven children all approx. a year apart. This is with my mom being the oldest and supposedly having the wonderful benefit of parenting younger siblings while she was young. I never, ever thought I would have children of my own after parenting my younger sibs (I’m #3 and believe me, you get known as your ‘number’ sooner or later). I do have 3 sons and to this day I don’t feel like I know what I am doing. I never felt like I experienced anything close to mothering and to mother my children, I fly by the seat of my pants and a lot of times I just do the opposite of what my mom would’ve done. My eldest son is 23 and tells me I did a good job but I still have two at home, 11 & 7 yrs old, (the youngest with genius I. Q. and adhd) and believe me, I flounder a lot.

    I would never, ever expect one of my children to mother another child. That’s just retarded.

  36. I think it’s disturbing that the kids are doing all the work. I’m all for chores but it seems to be the older girls getting stuck with most of it. No wonder they’re thrilled to have another girl finally, another maid will be available in a few years.

    Why don’t the older boys have a “buddy”. Why are the girls given the traditional “girl” chores, and also be expected to help build the house, yet I don’t see the boys cooking or doing laundry.

    I wonder what kind of education these kids have at this point, and if they would be prepared for college… oh never mind, who would pay for 16 college educations. Oh wait, I’m sure a college will pay for their tuition if they agree to make a show of it….

  37. Lots of people are fond of yammering on and on, ad nauseum, about a woman’s right to choose. Well, Michelle Duggar DID make a choice, and she’s living with it.

    As for all you juvenile name callers fashion police wannabes, I must question your raising. Where I come from, if you don’t have anything nice to say, you keep your mouth shut…

  38. Obviously, she did make a choice. She made many, many, many choices. However, her 16 kids, did NOT make the choice. They didn’t make the choice to raise their brothers and sisters using the “buddy system” and build the 7,000 sq. ft. cult compound they call a fucking house.

    Truth is, this has nothing to do with choices. At its root, it has to do with abuse and self indulgence. Bottom line.

    And as for Mrs. Duggar’s fashion choices…she’s about as good at fashion as she is at using birth control. Kelly, it doesn’t take a fashion police wannabe to realize that. She deserves any flack she gets.

    Finally, I say someone needs to spay and neuter these nutjobs. Then school them in the art of ADOPTION.

  39. When I saw the first Duggar special I was shocked and amazed and worried for the children. The religion aspect of their life was nauseating. What is going to happen when these children leave the nest? What a shock. The restrictions on what they are exposed to was also bothersome.

    However, after the second special, 16 children and moving in…the family seemed much more functional and normal(?). Though not sure if normal is the appropriate word. The children seem well adjusted with their beliefs and values firmly embedded. This reaction could be due to the difference in editing I suppose. And of course, there could be horrid things going on behind the scenes. The family seemed genuine, as did their friends.

    Yes, their views, in my opinion, are narrow, but they are their own and it is working for them. They are not in debt, with a family this large I’d bet that it would’ve been easily to go the public assistance route. The clothes are conservative and the hair…(well, it’s pretty much been said by others), however, the family values work over being stylish and that says a lot about them. Fortunately, we live in a Nation that allows people to be different. (how boring if we all had the same beliefs and number o children and etc…)

    I hope that as the children grow and become independant (hopefully, they will go out and do things on their own) that the family will continue to be close. And I hope that if the children choose a different lifestyle for themselves, that the family will continue to be supportive.

  40. They are just wrong… I swear that they are a fucking cult. In their TV show “14 and Pregnant Again” when hey went to Texas for their home schooling thing there was a banner that said “Total Surrender for Total Success” and I just think it’s wrong what they are doing to their children who are probably demented and completely screwed up by now and will not fit into the real world once they go off into it to live.

  41. Has anyone gone to their website? Did anyone see this? Jim Bob was a State Rep. (1999-2003). That’s a leetle scary to say the least.

  42. Other than the hairstyles and silly names, the real problem is that it’s socially irresponsible. What happens if each of the 16 children has 16 children who in turn have 16 of their own, etc. etc. It doesn’t matter that they “take care of their own”, they are still a drain on the earth. They use fossil fuels, they use non-renewable resources, they help aid global warming (all on their own). It’s just plain wrong, but what’s worse is that TLC/Discovery (and others?) put forth this dribble as though it’s a good thing.

  43. There was a man named Mr. Duggar
    Met Michelle and had to fuggar
    Keep popping out a little buggar
    Get a cork and someone pluggar

  44. It wasn’t that long ago that children worked on the family farm or learned the family business at a very early age. Only recently have started spoiling our children but letting them lounge around, playing video games, watching mindless TV , and eating fast-food (as opposed to a home cooked meal) and contributing nothing to the family or society. Jusy because these children aren’t being raised to be lazy, selfish, brats some people think they won’t fit into society… if they don’t fit into society it will be because Western society is becoming increasingly anti-social.
    And who cares what their hair looks like… some make it sound criminal to not have the latest fashion… the West puts too much value on looks and not enough on character.

  45. Your scathing criticism and downright bigotry is transparent to all! Is it jealousy that people actually live their life by a set of principals and do not attack anyone? I think not, it is PRIDE that has the attitude of a life that chooses to live apart from God, and makes themselves god. I am sure that that is a safe and logical position to take, especially because one has “all knowledge” so anyone that challenges their lifestyle is somehow less than themselves. Pride goeth before destruction, however , there is hope for even you! For God SO LOVED the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever “believeth” in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life (Jn #:16)! It is appointed unto man once to die, and after that the judgement (Heb. 9:27).

  46. Oh good Lord people, give it a rest! If they want to have 66 kids, it isn’t any of our business. We’re not supporting them.

  47. some of you people are the most intolerant set i’ve come across… what the hell is your problem with these people…? now granted, i personally don’t care about having 16 children, but what makes any of you authorities on what is right or wrong for any family… how is it that those of you that ask not to be judged by society, find it somehow justified to judge how these people live their lives any way they want… i guess for most of you hypocrisy is a dish best served cold or is that only for anyone else besides any of you…?

  48. Normally, I pride myself on being able to see both sides of an argument. But this is one case where honestly, I can’t see how anyone could defend the Duggars.

    Having 16 children is environmentally irresponsible and selfish. They are taking more than their fair share from our earth. Period.

    Having 16 kids also means, by default, that some of those kids will have to care for the other kids. Two adults cannot possibly care for 16 kids’ physical and emotional needs. A child should be allowed to be a child, without having to care for other children. That is the parents’ job.

    And I must say, it is everyone’s business when children’s needs are being neglected — and you know they are, with 16 children in the house. There are laws that dictate certain teacher-to-child ratios in day cares for a reason.

    I don’t have anything against the Duggars as people. I don’t know them. Knowing the resources it takes to raise just one child, I can tell you without a shred of doubt that with 16 kids, something inevitably is falling through the cracks.

  49. i wanted to make a comment about those claiming that the duggars are using too many of our resources, i wonder what kind of car do you drive? how much gas does it use?, also in their program it talked about how they had a schedule for showers, their house probably doesn’t use much more water than the average american home. and last time i checked our national birth average was almost even with the death rate in this country, so the duggars aren’t hurting it any. since i don’t have children and dont plan to michelle can have my 2.013 kids.

  50. From the looks of the way they are raising their children, they will be giving back their fair share to the earth as well….now if we could only all say the same. I’ve seen people, sitting on their butts with 6 or 7 kids, NOT WORKING, draining our welfare system and they are not being given as much flack as most of these comments are giving the Duggars. As a medical worker, I have seen neglect, and I do mean REAL neglect, and these children are not being neglected. They are being clothed, fed and emotionally cared for, even if it is coming from a sibling more so than the parents. I can’t say I agree with having so many children, I would personally pull myhair out, but, they are not the monsters most of you guys seem to want to make them out to be.

  51. I admire the Duggars on most levels- their attitudes and outlook on life, especially their Christian faith. I don’t care for the attire they wear or the “hairstyles” but that’s what is hidden to the world- their whole idea is to not be concerned with looks but rather the attitude they present to the world, and they want to be Christlike. It’s good that they’re not concerned with the world’s opinion but at the same time it’s alarming that theire children live in a big bubble in which they are not allowed to associate with anyone else other than the people their family already knows. These kids do not know any information outside their home and they will be in for a big surprise when they encounter the outside world, if they ever do. You won’t see many people wearing the “modest swimwear” at the pool, either, no matter how modest or conservative they are.

  52. Take a look at two recent broadcasts. One called “Inside Polygamy” airing on A&E and the other a Dateline episode from about two or three weeks ago.

    The real problem here is that these children are not being raised to go out into the world at all. They are being raised for one purpose only, to marry within their own sect and begin the cycle of mass reproduction as soon as they do. This is no secret, it’s widely known fact. The boys and girls are only ever allowed to “date” someone from within the sect, they get married young and begin having babies immediately. The females in the sect are treated as second class workers whose sole purpose is to have babies and wait on the men hand and foot.

    It wouldln’t bother me at all (free choice) but these kids aren’t really making a choice! They are raised within the sect, socialize within the sect, school within the sect, and are never able to make an educated choice for themselves because they have NEVER known that there are other options.

    It’s sad and shocking, especially when you see that many of these girls end up married as teenagers, giving birth to a baby a year, and then perpetuating the cycle over and over.

    Not one of those Duggars is going to live outside of the sect, you can bet your life on it. Not one. Every one of those children will marry within and do exactly what their parents have done (as long as God “blesses” them with the ability to reproduce every year).

  53. “World Population Prospects: The 1996 Revision” states:
    • The growth rate of world population peaked at 2.04% per year during 1965-70 and has subsequently fallen to 1.48% per year during 1990-95.
    • The absolute population increase peaked at approximately 87 million per year during 1985-90, and has since been declining at a rate of about one million people per year.
    • A fertility rate of 2.1 is required to maintain population stability. The world fertility rate is projected by the UN to fall below this replacement level around the year 2013.
    • Each year about a million fewer babies are born in the world. Births in developing countries have recently declined by about 400,000 births each year.

    Many of you need to throw away “The Population Bomb” (1968 book about overpopulation that has been totally discredited), and start looking at some of the latest statistics.

    If anything, we need to worry about under-population.

    You can still comment on the Duggars for/against, but don’t use overpopulation as a valid argument. By doing so, you display your ignorance and lack of education.

  54. I just finished watching the lastest Duggar show. Has anyone noticed that these kids have no outside friends, could careless what they wear or what their hair looks like? That is NOT normal. Also, it is impossible to give that many children the attention and love that they need. Doesn’t Mrs. Duggar have anything better to do with her life than overpopulate our planet? I’m curious how much financial help they get. I became a R.N. and was able to have a child and my husband and I support our two boys. They get the proper love and attention and also are well-adjusted with many friends and are involved in many sports activities.

    I’m sorry, but the Duggar family and their children will regret their lifestyle in years to come. I feel for the kids. I’m an educated person and know what I’m talking about. These kids are so far from normal.

  55. I’m not a Xian and don’t share these folks’ religious conviction, however, some of the posts on this blog are just plain assh*le oriented. Soem of the people on here genuinely hate this family. Then hinting the gov’t should be involved, children taken away, etc, etc. Some of the posters, in my opinion, are mentally disturbed for the sheer hatred they spew at this family.

    I just love people who in one breath is gibbering ‘tolerance’ and other BS and in the next are completely intolerant when it comes to one’s hair, lifestyle, how they raise their kids, etc, etc. Yet some of these bloggers *know it all* didn’t you know? Yup, I’m sure they send their kids to the publik skool system to git edjemkated so their chilren can learn what a ho, dog, muthaf*cka is and be so far advanced over these kids in such social skills like bullying, bringing guns to skool, talking jive, smokin’ weed & crack….wow! Yup, these homeschooled kids are missing out on this to be sure.

    To you bloggers who are certified assh*oles towards this nice family here is my response to you: f*ck you!

  56. I was raised in a family with 17 kids. I was “Laither kid 5” to the community. But you know what..I was proud to be the 5th kid born into our family. I love every one of my brothers and sisters. My parents raised us similar to the Duggars. We were all home schooled and raised in a Baptist church. Our community was very accepting to my family. And to all of the people posting that the family has problems or are abusing their don’t know what it is like to you live it. My parents are awesome and they spent their time loving us. I never felt neglected or unwanted. I wasn’t just a number to my parents. We never lived off the government or neighbors. Now out of 17 kids 6 of us are in college and the other 9 are still being home schooled with dreams of going to college. My parents support all of our choices about life. I am getting married this summer and plan to have kids after I finish my degree. I may not want 17 but I know that I want more than 5. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am not bashing anyone but for those of you who post statements about abuse, neglect, living off of others and etc…you could not possibly imagine how the Duggars are living their life and rasing their next time you try and criticize them try looking in the mirror and find your own faults.

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