That Karma, she’s a bitch alright.

Two weeks ago, I asked you all what I should do with that insurance money of my mother’s (check made out to me for several thousand dollars). I took your advice and cashed the check. I did throw the old bitch a bone, though — I sent her about $500 of it. As of last Friday, she was chomping at the bit for the check to arrive. She needed her fix, the kind that only five new pairs of shoes could provide.

Pilfering this money, it was and still is a big risk for me. For if she ever finds out, it will be me who can’t spend Christmas with my family. It will be me who is talked about in hushed tones at family gatherings. Given the stakes, I made a deal with untitledhusband. I said, “If I do this, if I take this risk, I get to buy new living room furniture.” He said that was fine, given that our current set-up is 10 years old, losing its stuffings, and colored with scribblings, thanks to untitledson and a ballpoint pen.

I searched my soul over what to do. I read your posts. I wrung my hands. Once I had made up my mind, I dug deep and found the courage to do it. I cashed the check, sent part of it off to Mom, and went about window shopping for new furniture. I never thought it possible, but the process was downright therapeutic. I spent hours laying out diagrams of the room, researching new wall colors, and reading up on the elements of design. I imagined the moment when I could sit down in my living room, the room that Mother made. Yes, it would be like a womb, this room. It was to be a place of healing.

But karma being the duplicitous cunt that she is, this was not to be. For while I was planning and plotting and dreaming, untitledhusband convinced me that instead of letting the money fester away in our checking account until we made our purchase, we should pay off some credit cards and take out an interest-free loan for the furniture. It just made sense, he said. I was a little hesitant to part with that money, if only for a little bit. But I logicized it, and it made sense. So I said yes.

Fast forward one week. Tonight, untitledhusband sat me down and told me that unless I can find a place that will give us a zero percent interest loan for at least 12 months with no money down, I cannot get new furniture. And in case you’re wondering, this is pretty much nowhere, except for those places dealing in reclining sofas and pieces constructed of “leather everywhere you touch.” The nice places, they all want something down. And conveniently enough, the money is now gone.

The irony of this situation is not lost on me. It’s kind of like that story, “The Gift of the Maji,” but in reverse. I took the money from Mom because she has been such a greedy bitch over the years. And now it seems untitledhusband has taken it from me.

So here I sit in my living room, of all places, quietly enraged. Can’t let untitledhusband see my anger, for I’ve already been told that I’m being childish about this. Perhaps I am. But it’s hard, people. I always knew my mother didn’t have my back. But untitledhusband, I thought I could trust him.

The paint swatches and room diagrams, they are now in the trash. I’ll spend my lunch hour tomorrow in a humiliaitng hike over to the furiture store, where I will surrender the fabric samples to the sofa I was for sure going to buy. For. Sure. But no biggie. I’ll get over it. I’ll move on. I’ll forget. I always do.

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  1. Re-open negotiations with husband. If you can’t find a no-interest, no down payment deal on furniture, then at least you need a down payment. After three months free of credit card bills, use money normally earmarked for these bills as down payment.

    BTW, no-interest loans just add the interest to the total cost of the furniture. You also loose any negotiating room with store. The better deal is to have a small line of credit (second mortgage) against your home because the interest is tax deductible. And, if you pay off the loan sooner, you save the remaining interest.

  2. I think Mama has a good idea. That money that was to be used to pay off the credit cards can be used to pay interest or what not on the furniture.

    Slash it’s highly big of you to give untitledmother $500. That should be a big deposit into your emotional slash karma bank account. Good deal.

  3. Ahem…

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    Yeah, you…

    Anyways, untitled, I think you’re being very grownup about it. Childish would have been refusing to pay off the credit card bills that would have made it even more difficult to get a good deal on the new couch. I’d say take the hubby on a window shopping trip with you, then ask him which furnitures he preferred, and if he says the nice stuff, point out that it would be just a teensy bit difficult to get it under his expectations. Sometimes guys are just clueless as to how certain aspects of the world work. I say this with experience.

  4. I know it’s irrational. I know it’s the grownup thing to do, paying off credit card debt. But when one is just thisclose to upholstery that is free of ballpoint pen and other crumbly goodness, it’s a bit much for untitledhusband to expect you to simply suck it up, surrender the swatches and move blithely on. I’m with you, sister. Sulk a little.

  5. As one who has gotten new furniture in the last year, I can tell you it is so worth it–I don’t regret a penny we spent on it because it makes me so happy and so comfortable.

    I’m with MamaPajama (who is one smart cookie)–don’t abandon the furniture dream and don’t settle for the cheap stuff that doesn’t last and will be a compromise you resent. And meanwhile–buy the paint you like and have untitled husband paint the room to your specifications. He owes you, girlfriend. Big time.


  6. Well crap. It ain’t much fun but I am with hubby. The credit card debt is just sitting there like a malignant tumor, growing stronger each day. Assuming that you and the man used the credit cards equally, it is as much your debt as his and he isn’t “taking” anything from you.

    It’s like broccoli. It isn’t as tasty as nachos, but it is better for you in the long run.

  7. Holee cow! You said it all when you wrote “I always knew my mother didn’t have my back”. And then this, “But no biggie. I’ll get over it. I’ll move on. I’ll forget. I always do”. Were you my twin that was thrown into the trash can too?

    My Mother did not buy new furniture until all of us were out of the house. Now, that I have children I understand. Especially as I was trying (note trying) to get old and molded orange juice from our bedroom carpet.

    There are some places that have interest free purchasing, just you wait. Keep your eyes open and know that the universe will provide you with what you heart desires.


  8. I just had another idea. Perhaps you could find one of the credit card offers for 0% interest for a year? We bought our big old flat screen TV like that, but made sure we paid it off before the year ended so it was “same as cash”…

  9. You know, I’d be inclined to pay off the debt too. But what bothers me about what transpired here is that I think you got the raw end of the “bait and switch”, whether it was intentional or not.

  10. Yeah, alot of stores offer one year no interest, just get it paid off during the year.

    GET THE FURNITURE. Paying off the cards is good, but they way hubby went about it is wrong, mean spirited, unfair, and uncommunicative. What the hell is up with that? And WHY do you need permission to do something that you agreed with him to do, anyway. GET THE FURNITURE. If hubby is a pig about it, GET A NEW HUBBY. Just try to keep the credit cards under control…..

  11. I would wait until your husband has his eye on a new bike, stereo, game console, or car – and yank the carpet out from under him. I only say this because I am a man and husband and I know how important my toys are to me. Ignore karma. Become friends with Bitter and Spite. For a while anyway 🙂

  12. If you had enough credit card debt that it ate through that much cash, then the right, best and smartest thing to do was to get it paid off. My whole life spent with my parents they were always in a constant struggle to get credit cards paid off, and once you hit a certain point it just becomes an uphill struggle with the intrest. From your very own post it sounds like your husband initialy tried to get the best of both for your family, get the card paid off AND get new furniture, but just made a misjudgment in the math. It doesn’t sound like he was being a pig about it as akantha infers, but I guess only you would know that. Contgrats on getting your card paid though!!! That’s nothing but GOOD.

  13. I too would love to do both- pay off our overlimit credit cards and get some new damn furniture –BUT neither will happen anytime in the near future. I have never had new furniture! The last time i sat on a new couch was when I was 9 and my mother got new rental furniture!!!
    Plus with kids- will it really be new for long? My house is only 1 1/2 years old and the kids have already made it look like its 10 years old- i would hate to make a beautiful stylish couch suffer the torture that is children!

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