The breakfast of champions.

“There’s nothing better in the morning than a nice piece of sausage.” Amen, sista.

Have you overheard anything shocking, amusing or just downright unfrickin’ believable at work lately? If so, share, comrades!

7 thoughts on “The breakfast of champions.”

  1. Co-Worker 1: My daughter’s decorated her room, she wanna go to Spain, learn to speak Spanish.
    CountryCo-Worker: They don’t speak Spanish in Spain, they speak Portugal there, ain’t that a
    kick. That they speak Portugal in Spain and Spanish in Mexico, but they don’t speak Spanish there.
    Co-Worker 1: Are you sure about that?
    I haven’t the words.

  2. Not so much over heard, but just heard and laughed at.

    We’ve had a cat living underneath a buildings at work, and the Administrator hates the cat. While everyone was outside looking/talking/feeding the meowing furball, the Administrator comes out and says “That cat better not have kittens, because kittens make too much noise, you could hear it on air (I work at a radio station).”

    “Ahh, I don’t think this cat will ever be having kittens.”

    “Oh yeah, and why is that?!?!” *imagine obnoxious voice*

    “Becuase it’s MALE”

  3. Conversation between myself and colleague in the tea room.

    Co-worker: “Does this Decaf have coffee in it?”
    Me: “Huh?”
    Co-worker: “This Decaf stuff… does it have coffee in it?”
    Me: “It’s decaffeinated. It’s coffee without the caffeine…”
    Co-worker: “Does caffeine have coffee in it?”
    Me: “Oh. My. God! What?!?!?”
    Co-worker: “Well if Decaf has no caffeine and caffeine is in coffee and coffee has caffeine in it…then… coffee must have- forget it. Do we have tea?”
    Me: “Yep.”
    Co-worker: “Does tea have-”
    Me: “Shhhhhhhhht!”

    No wonder I quit.

  4. Me: Smoking is bad for you, you know?
    Chris: I know, the smoke gets in my veins.
    Me: No, the smoke goes in your lungs.
    Chris: Yeah, then into my veins.

    Me: So if I slit your wrist smoke would wisp out?
    Chris: no but beer might.

  5. Not heard at work but funny all the same:

    When arriving home from a summer in America just as the plane was after landing in Dublin Airport (Ireland)at around 7 am on a dull cold September morning while the sun was strugglin to rise, my friend overheard an American tourist ask the passenger next to him “what time does the sun come up in Dublin?”. Just then a voice from behind replied “around June”

  6. Upon receiving a nicely put together stack of engineering drawings and reports for review, I responded to the male engineer who created them, in front of a roomful of people “Nice Package.”

    Much blushing

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