The untitledlife Stroke-a-thon.

If you are anything like me, you are going about your daily life, picking dog poop off the floor and skimming lint out of the dryer screen, quietly wondering if this is your life’s destination. As it turns out, the prom is never as glamorous as you imagined. You expect champagne and alas, you get Night Train. You hope for “Endless Love” and you get “Unskinny Bop.” You plan on “Sixteen Candles” and you get “Carrie.” Ahhh, such is life.

Sharing my thoughts and hearing that I’m not the only one having them, I feel like I’ve found my peeps. And it’s a great comfort to me, knowing that I’m not alone in this world, in an intellectual sense. I put my naked thoughts and opinions up here, not sure if I’ll offend, bore, provoke or entertain. مراهنات رياضية

Every day, I read each comment and e-mail. And yes, I visit your blogs, too. You taking time to peruse my rants and share them with others, it matters to me. To thank y’all, I’ve created the untitledlife Stroke-a-thon.

How will this all work? First, know that these rules are subject to change at any time. I’m heading into unchartered territory (for me, anyway), and I will have to see how the strokin’ goes.

There are two ways to get added to the untitledlife Stroke-a-thon.

  1. Link to untitledlife from your blog. bet365 كازينو The untitledcrew pays attention to track-backs in Technorati, but a faster route would be to send me a note. Be sure to include your blog name and URL.
  2. Forward any post using the “E-mail this Post” link (Look for the blue link followed by the evelope icon after or before each post). There are fields on the form for the Stroke-a-thon. العاب قمار اون لاين Just follow the instructions, and when you send the post, I’ll get an e-mail with the information about your blog or website.
  3. If you have questions about any of this, just ask.

We gots to take care of each other, those of us not in that sanctimonious circle-jerk of mega blogs. We gots to share the love.

UPDATE: If you have a account, Flickr account, or other website you’d like me to link to, just follow instructions for number 2 above.

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