My hubby, if he knows anything, it’s how to put down the Diet Coke. To the tune of 24 stomach-eating cans a week. As a result, it’s not uncommon for him to tear the house off its moors with one of his primevil burps. It happens so often, in fact, that our 2 year-old son has taken to acknowledging these sonic acts of gastrointestinal anarchy by simply saying, “Nice.”

I’m not sure whether to laugh (it is funny, no?) or to be appalled that Little Lord Fauntleroy isn’t summoning the proper answer, as so clearly spelled out in the lift-the-flap book on manners I so responsibly bought for him at T.J. Maxx. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Why not teach your brute of a HUSBAND some manners?” Well, folks, that train has left the station. At this point in my life, I only take on the battles I know I can win.

All strategy aside, I see that I am losing ground as I write. It’s becoming clear that my son has inheirited this debilitating crudeness gene. The other night, the little guy farted. Respectable mother that I am, I said, “Now what do you say?” He replied, “Ta-daaaaa!” Ta-da, indeed.

3 thoughts on “Ta-da!”

  1. Oh, my… I think you need to get in the competition and give them a run for their money! Come on – anything boys can do girls can do better! hahah (well, ALMOST anything [wink]).

    Came here via the link on Dooce’s site. As Ahnold says, I’ll be bach.

  2. First time visitor (link from Dooce as well) and well, I’m rolling on the floor. As the mama of 3 girls (all of whom can burp the alphabet and clear rooms with farts) I have to say…you’re missing out on the fun. JustLinda is soo right, it’s time to show the boys up and teach them the meaning of the word shame. My girls shame their daddy daily and I couldn’t be prouder! Now, where’d I lay that gas mask???

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