Catholic wisdom.

“Maybe it’s because they are more religious down there.”

My Catholic mother’s explanation as to why New Orleans’ French Quarter wasn’t hit as hard as other parts of the city by Hurricane Katrina. Yes, Mom, that’s why they were spared. This is God’s version of a big timeout, and he didn’t want to punish the holy who reside in the French Quarter. Hate to tell you this, Mom, but those aren’t rosary beads.

On a more serious note, you may have noticed that I have not said much about Katrina in previous posts. In my gut, I feel it would be disrespectful for someone who’s currently sitting in the comfort of her in-tact home to offer up what might seem like a contrived statement of grief. If you want to help, you have a dozens of people telling you precisely how to do so. But personally, I found this way of helping quite interesting : Katrina Relief Auction Group at Flickr.

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